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The Premier Fast Track Business Credit Builder focuses on providing you with as many tools possible to make your business a success. Because the number one reason for business failure is lack of capital, The Fast Track Business Credit Building program is designed to assist business owners with access to all types of capital through lines of credit, loans, leases, and trade credit.

Our end goals are twofold:
    1. Help you secure business loans without giving a personal guarantee.
    2. Insure that such loans are tied to you company's EIN and not to your Social Security Number.

The Fast Track Business Credit Building System is designed to build a credit profile for your business separate from the individual officers, owners, and managers of the company. By working with your credit coach and completing the step by step process you will have A + business credit-in less than 6 months or we will refund the entire purchase price of the credit building program to you. In order to get approved for business financing your business needs to have excellent business credit scores with all three business credit reporting agencies – Experian, Equifax, and Dun & Bradstreet. The Fast Track Business Credit Builder can help you build those scores.


The System:
    1. Get in compliance
    2. Establish credit with five "Pillar One" vendors... those willing to gamble on unestablished borrowers.
    3. Establish credit with five "Pillar Two" vendors that grant credit lines of $5,000 to $25,000.
    4. Qualify for "Pillar Three" financing from banks and leasing companies that grant loans and credit lines of $25,000 to $250,000.
    5. Qualify for investment companies and Angel Investors who can provide $250,000 +
    6. You'll have Access to our proprietary database that has a hard to find list of Corporate MasterCard and Visa’s that: Offer business credit lines of up to $50,000

  •  Don’t require personal credit checks or guarantees
  •  Only report to the business credit bureaus, not the personal ones
  •  With our database you’ll have access to vendors and lenders that will grant credit to companies with no credit history, without personal guarantees & without personal or business credit checks. They will also report your on-time payments to the business credit bureaus, (not the personal bureaus) as this will help you to move up to larger credit lines for more discriminating lenders.

  • The Fast Track Business Credit Builder begins with an assessment of each client’s individual situation. This assessment serves as the roadmap for your business credit process.

    Next, our expert staff of business advisors will walk you through the procedures for establishing a correct commercial credit profile. They will also instruct you on how to bring your business entity into compliance with all corporate credit reporting agencies. This commercial credit profile is pivotal because it is separate and apart from the personal credit profiles of the individual officers, owners, and managers of the company.

    It's interesting to note that there are over 500,000 vendors in the U.S. that will extend business trade credit; however, there are less than 1,000 that will extend such credit to a business without using the owner’s Social Security Number. Our one of-a-kind program is a direct link to vendors that will extend credit to your company and report your company’s credit transactions to the business credit bureaus without using your Social Security Number.

    We are proven to be the BEST in the industry; learning about business credit by helping clients with tax planning and business structuring issues. In the process, we learned the business lending protocols of a wide variety of lenders, the assessment criteria of corporate credit rating agencies and the identity of those vendors who extend and report corporate credit.

    We know how the business credit system works and we can greatly reduce the time it will take you to obtain meaningful, separate, business credit.

    What the Fast Track Business Credit Builder can do for you and your business:

  • Develops a Business Credit Report Separate from your Personal Credit Report
    There are two types of credit bureaus, Personal and Business Payment experiences that are reported to business credit bureaus develop a credit profile for the business being reported about
  • It Adds Trade References to Your Business
    Most business credit applications ask for trade references many companies won’t grant credit without a minimum of three trade references
  • Vendors Report Your Payment History to Business Credit Bureaus
    Business credit bureaus have a separate profile on your business with a separate credit score
  • Your Personal Credit Report Does Not Reflect the Business Activity
    Access to credit personally is not held up by business activity showing on your report
  • Personal Credit Scores are Not Affected by Business Payments and Credit Lines
    Every inquiry on your personal credit report can lower your score between 5-10 points
  • When working with Pillar 3 vendors, even though they require a personal credit check and guarantee in most cases, they report your payment experiences to your business credit
    Allows you to have more credit available personally and in your business
  • A corporation or LLC have more separation of business and personal credit of shareholders because of the benefits the corporate structure provides Pillar 1-2 Vendors don’t typically inquire on your personal credit.
  • Build your business credit as you would anything else. Plan your strategy; take daily steps forward; and over time, you will achieve your goal!

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